A-Frame Cabin

A-Frame Cabins

USD. 161.72 / Night

A room assigned to two adults and two kids (below 12 years of age) with modern amenities for a comfortable stay.


  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Super Comfort
  •  Cloth Rack
  •  Fan
  •  Hair dryer
  •  Free WiFi
  •  Tea/Coffee Maker
  •  Private Bathroom
  •  Dining Area
  •  Electric Kettle
  •  Garden View
  •  Balcony
  •  Room Service
  •  Non Smoking Room
  •  Barbecue
  •  Hot - Water

House Rules

  • Check-In time 2:00 pm , check-out by 11:00 am.
      • Strictly non-smoking inside the rooms. 
      • As a dry hotel, the sale and consumption of alcohol are not allowed on the premises.
      • The Cloud Resort does not have a bar or serve alcoholic beverages to its guests.
      • However, the resort does offer a range of non-alcoholic beverages, including fresh juices, soft drinks, tea, and coffee, which guests can enjoy throughout their stay.
      • The Cloud Resort's policy of being a dry hotel is a reflection of Sri Lanka's cultural and religious values, and it provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere for guests to relax and enjoy their stay.


The cancellation policy at The Cloud Resort varies depending on the time of year and the type of booking made by the guest. Generally, the resort has a standard cancellation policy that applies to most bookings.

The standard cancellation policy at The Cloud Resort typically requires guests to provide notice of cancellation at least 14 days prior to their scheduled arrival date. In the event of a cancellation within 14 days of the scheduled arrival date, the resort may charge a cancellation fee equivalent to one night's stay.

However, during certain times of the year, such as peak season or holiday periods, the cancellation policy may require guests to provide notice of cancellation further in advance. Additionally, some bookings may be non-refundable or may have specific cancellation terms and conditions that are communicated to the guest at the time of booking.

It's important to note that the exact cancellation policy may vary depending on the specific booking and the terms and conditions agreed upon at the time of reservation. Guests are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of their specific booking carefully to understand the cancellation policy and any applicable fees or penalties.

Overall, the cancellation policy at The Cloud Resort is designed to balance the needs of guests who may need to cancel or modify their reservations with the financial considerations of the resort. By providing clear and transparent terms and conditions regarding cancellations, the resort aims to create a positive and fair experience for all guests.

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